I want you to love what you do and have what you do love you right back.

I’ve been in business since I was 15 and social marketing since 2014 (but I feel like we are all born doing it in this modern world anyway) …and I just started writing about it all.

I’ve had great success and great failure in life and business.
And I’m still learning. I’ll never stop learning.

Just as painting is cathartic for my soul, writing is cathartic for my heart.
Yep, I’m in business and I have emotions. #human

The inspiration for my posts are my own personal experience; some are from team mates; some are from clients I have coached; some from you guys (thank you for being so real); and some inspired by wankers people in social marketing I’ve observed, and yes, they are of the ‘what not to do’ variety.

My aim of sharing all this is not to be a great writer, although that would be nice.

I’m simply aiming to download my thoughts to encourage those looking at social marketing to consider it with a decent dose of reality combined with some daring dreaming – just like any other business.

I want people just like you to build epic businesses that you love and that serve it’s people whilst make a positive and lasting impact on the world.

And I realllllly want the desperado business bluffers to up their game or bugger off.

I want to shed a better light on the industry – because there is one – and in my experience there’s a damn lot to love about it.

I might curse a little, but I care a lot. If each post helps one person make a better move or think a better thought that is right for them, then happy days.

I think you feel me on all this, right?
If so, you’re in the right place.

And fucking love your life sick.

I  hope this serves you or stirs you. And in the best ways.

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I love and respect my company and I’m not looking to jump ship, so respect you and your company by refraining from prospecting me. (If you do, you can imagine me to sending you this in return. #yourewelcome) I am not prospecting you either. I am expressing an opinion, and one that can and probably will change as I keep learning through life. This is not gospel. My way is simply that – my way.  I respect myself and my self-expression in writing these articles and hope that you do too. If not, stop reading me, no sweat. I hope you find your authentic voice and a vessel to share it too. I in no way intend harm, intend to cause confusion or avert you from following your own company or team systems. I’m also not able to ‘save’ you if you currently loathe your situation in your team or with your upline. Either have the hard conversations (maybe even with yourself) and sort that shit out, or don’t. Either way, change your mindset and YOUR actions and watch your world change for the better with it. It could be the best thing you ever do for yourself and your team or future team. More on that here. The network marketing world is made a much cooler place when we all understand these ethical basics. Thank you for playing fair.