Get Over the One That Got Away

get over the one that got away
It’s time to get over the one that got away. TODAY. Right Now. This Minute.

Especially good if it only just happened and with tears streaming down your face this is the first article that popped up when you googled ‘AllEggsOneGoshDarnBasket.’

Congratulations. You’ve just learnt a handful of very valuable lessons, and now you’re about to learn another.

Failing forward is still forward my friend.

Wipe your eyes and take note.

People will reject your product, say no to joining 'your thing,' and leave your team at some point in your network marketing career. #norms.

Rejection can be painful - that's why most people go out of their way to avoid it. But if you want to be successful, you have to accept that rejection is going to happen - a lot! The good news is, you can learn to embrace it and see it as on the way and not in the way. It's a lot easier to deal with that way.

They Were Never Yours

Ouch! Too soon?

Soz, but it’s the truth.

Every individual is their own individual and just because you placed the word prospect on their forehead does not mean they ‘belong’ to you - or anyone who may have done the same to that person, even right at the same time you did, or before, or after.

People are not your competition, your prey, your prize. The people we call prospects are our lessons, our customers to serve or strangers who become friends. They are what THEY want to be and nothing more until they want to be.

Rejection and Protection? ...Maybe

The right people will always come into your business at the right time. ALWAYS. Every person – good or terrifying – joins your team to teach you something. Or doesn’t – for the exact same reason.

Patience and poise may bring the one that got away back to you another day. Or hindsight and a little stealthing online* may actually show you they were hiding their inner freakazoid and you dodged a bullet. Whatever.

Always be happy for the outcome of now (and for them), because whether you believe in the Universe having your back or not, it’s just perfect as it is.

Re-frame how you see an experience like this by eliminating the word rejection. Try seeing it as protection and assess in what way you were off course to even be speaking to or attracting someone who clearly wasn't a fit with you. This is about connection after all. A little self analysis will correct your course to connect with your tribefolk once again.

They’re Still Watching, And So Is Everyone Else

What are you going to do next?! You have a choice and you're not the only one asking.

It’s how you choose to see it, and how you choose to see it will reflect out of you either like lighting or light beams and affect your attitude, actions, the energy that others will catch from you, and absolutely your results.

Please don't be that person on social media spitting shit about others - no matter how hurt you may be. YOU LOOK SO GROSS RIGHT NOW. And drama does not look good on you.

No-one may even know what’s happened and that’s ok - keep it that way. Unless there’s someone else going through the same thing in your successline right now, it’s not needed as a lesson for anyone but you yet. Rejoice in this as it keeps your pity party super short and your mending can mould you and your strength surprise you. Sometimes you need to keep some shit to yourself to show yourself how gosh darn awesome you are.

Likewise, revenge can be a useful emotion for the particularly gnarly versions of rejection, as long as it doesn't consume you. Of course, seemingly sparkly success might look good, but just be triply sure it feels real and true and is long lasting too, otherwise you may not be too unlike the person who caused the injury. And energy doesn't lie.

"To be angry is to revenge the faults of others on ourselves." - Alexander Pope

Your team need to see you shine too, so fuel your confidence feels by doing all the things that motivate you - move, meditate and make shit happen. This is your chance to own that story of your success despite all odds. (After a mass exodus in my own business one month this thought alone kept me in check.) #yourstoryrules.

Keep going. Keep sponsoring. Sponsor someone that speaks your language. And then another. No need to go Debbie Despo, simply keep the faith. In fact - up the faith factor – and get on with the fun of sharing this gift of a rad life.

When you move forward at speed and with fresh faith, you’ll see that opportunities are everywhere.... and thank goodness for that hiccup to help you see them so clearly.


*Keep that stalky stalk to minimum my friend, it can be the rabbit hole from hell. Best to keep your mindset focused on forward.

Share this with someone who's driving you crazy with their hypotheticals and needs to #shutthehellup and move on, or with someone who's hurting your heart wasting away been all super-sad like and needs to SHINE, SHINE, SHINE like the crazy diamond they are. They'll both thank you.

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