Incentivizing Your Team for the Greater Goal

incentivizing your team for the greater goal
One the first light-bulb leadership moments for me was when I sponsored my second business builder and realized that three’s a crowd and that made us a real life ridgy-didge team!

And then a flash of panic and jump for joy and then a flood of ideas followed on how to love all over them.

You feel?

I get it. It’s easy to rush to put all your incentive ideas into play straight away in hopes that this wee little team will quadruple in size overnight, but consider these factors first and to keep you on a strict distraction diet from the real build – your own!

New Business Builder Incentive

I’m truly hoping your company of choice already has an incentive in place for moving new recruits through to seeing some tangible success right away. And if not I suggest you suggest it, and you get busy on implementing your own for now.
You’ve probably read it a thousand times before, but the first 14 days is absolutely critical to ‘show me this is not the biggest mistake of my life’ for your new consultants and will determine how fast they are largely likely to move through the ranks. Heck, the first 3 days are all of that and more!

the first 14 days is absolutely critical to ‘show me this is not the biggest mistake of my life’ for your new consultants

So rather than waiting until the end of the month to reward your new BB for a job well done, why not test-set* a great Network Marketing basics book that you’ve edified as truly helping you and one you wished you’d found in your first month as the gift to grind for.

For Example: ‘Earn your very own copy of the brilliant Business Builder book ‘Rock Your Network Marketing Business’ when you sign 5 new customers at x amount of dollars in your first 3 days.’ And train out how to do that over and over again.

(read: these are mere suggestions, trial, test and measure them yourself to see if they suit)

Start of Month Momentum

Ever experienced End of Month Hangover for the first 3 days of the month? Yeah, me too. And it’s highly likely your team has too.

Get the hair of the dog all up in that (ew, sorry) and start the month off booming with an early incentive. Think 'first 3 days' or 'by the end of the first week' type timelines to give the kind of month-long momentum that numbers on the board magically seem to create. (Ok, it's not magic, it's psychology. It's same abundance-bringing joy I get from 'collecting' green backs and not breaking them. #savingsplan)

End of Month Hustle

Incentive for the Incentive

Incentivizing the team to earn any company incentives (or incentives from upline) might be more of last resort option but is worth mentioning for exactly the same reason as the previous points –

the more people feeling like winners for earning the incentive, the more the collective high vibes of the tribe rise and the more likely the momentum will keep on rolling, rolling, rolling.

I've done this myself and had it work beautifully, then tried it again when the team was very different and had it flop miserably. So what’s the difference?

Make sure the team is ready, and by ready I mean they already are really wanting the company incentive and already working it but might just be a little wobbly and lacking a little ol’ faith.

They are not ready when they are not even concerned with the company incentive at all, and your pathetic attempt to lure them with an even greater incentive only backfires to create a sense of apathy and the idea that ‘there’ll always be double rewards when I’m ready to build.’ And you definitely don’t want that.

You’re exclusive and so are your rewards. Keep them that way and they’ll always hold their value and their 'push to your personal best’ power!

New Market/New Product Incentive


*PS. You can incentivize your team without breaking the bank of course. Coz I'm all for giving credit where credit is due...and sometimes that's what means the most.

*PPS. There's some serious Aussie slang happening in this article. Have fun with the urban dictionary folks!

*Share this with someone who's maybe sharing too much; with someone missing the opportunities to boost business with clever planning; or with Mr or Mrs me, me, me, who needs to see, see, see. #seekthesweetspot

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