Keep Some Shit to Yourself

keep some shit to yourself

Sounds like a motivating article eh? Bugger motivating, some of us really need to hear this.

Stop fucking sharing every sad sack shitty thing that’s happening (or you think is happening) with everyone you know.

And especially stop sharing it with my people.


Now imagine the top income earner in your company just said that directly to your face. It would make the hairs on the back of your neck stand to attention that’s for sure.

Well you are a top income earner to-be, so now say that out loud to yourself like you mean it and so it gets right on into your subconscious never to be forgotten.

Got it? Good.

I could very well end this article right there, but let’s be sure the lesson is laid bare.

Is It Really That Bad?

Only you can tell coz you’re experiencing it, but you know how I feel about bullshitting yourself, so let’s go there. MOST things are really not as bad as they seem after all. Most bad feels just need time. Most emotional feels require you to sleep on them.

And every darn business shitfit can be cured with activity and pouring in that good good personal development juice.

I’m not saying bottle it up, I’m just saying reassess the problem first.

I’ve run my mouth of about my in-hindsight silly situation to one of my great and respected upline leaders before and it wasn’t pretty. Without even taking a second thought I was punching numbers and snotting down the phone like a jealous little cow over something that was odd, no doubt, but not worth losing my leadership level-headedness about. Trust me, breathe first to regret not later. Embarrassment doesn’t look good on you.

Mind Your Mind…and Then Your Mouth

After checking in with your emotional intelligence, and your inner badass and boss, getting a hit of positivity from ye olde personal development, and a pump-up tune or two, you will be much better equipped to think before you speak - and vitally - choose the right audience if you still do feel the need to talk it out and have a moan.

Your successline, prospects, sidelines and even your upline are not your personal pity participants.

And even if you do spill some bad vibe poison on them and they do participate, please don’t see this as validation. A coach is your best bet. An objective third party and a voice of reason. Funny how the truth hurts more from someone you are paying to tell you it.

Before hastily choosing the audience, you need to beware the consequences. It’s highly likely your successline could hold onto this negativity and see it as gospel, as the silver lining peeling away from the great gift you’ve given them. You’ll for sure taint your prospects view of you and your business by spilling onto them. And your sidelines (some of whom may look up to you) may lose faith in you or worse lose faith in the system and the goal. This is sideline suicide, and know that you suck if you go there! And the consequence for whinging to your upline – besides a red face – is that they’re just going to tell you what your higher self know anyway and you’re going to be left trying to justify that you knew that but momentarily forgot it in the fray. Icky.

Sitting With It Yourself Can Solve It

So obviously I’ve been the shit thrower and I’ve been on the receiving end and that’s why I’m so passionate about sharing this lesson. It hurts no matter where you stand. And even if the shite situation was unavoidable, the domino reactionary effect is avoidable and should be avoided at all costs.

When I’ve since felt the slump of something bad and wanted to vent I’ve hit the books. And when I’ve had a dump of it thrown in my face from someone else, again, I’ve hit the books. By that I mean I sit with the feelings and recognize them for what they really are. Most of the time they are not my own and really not that bad when I assess them. Most of the time I can rampage out the shitty feelings in a journal without my pen even leaving the page – an unfiltered slew of thoughts to move them out. And then I can write some more, maybe a list, maybe an affirmation or ten. Or I’ll play my fight song, dive under a wave, sweat it out, or call a funny friend for a chin-wag and a reminded that my life is actually awesome.

Sometimes, seriously, sitting with yourself can solve a whole shed full of shit. Or at least flush it out!

Try it. And keep your vibes high.
The people around you will thank you.


Share this with someone who killed your vibes a little...or to who you killed theirs. You either win or you learn right! #learned

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