Why Riding on the Coat Tails of Others Must Come to End As Soon As Possible

stop riding my coat tails in business
I once had a very enthusiastic team mate tell me a thousand times a month (and all her new recruits) that she was ‘riding on my coat tails’ like it was the biggest compliment in the world.

No. Nope. Stop.

Ok, love you too, but no.


I’m sure she meant well – and you too if you’ve been known to say it – but this is officially the end of that talk. Especially if it’s become a sad catch-cry screeched with such disdain and desperation as said coat is so fucking far away from you right now you’re basically eating dust. 

Cough it up and read on...

The sooner you stop riding the coat tails of others the sooner the ownership of your own business and your own actions and your own results lands squarely on your shoulders. And that weight is either going to empower you or crush you.

Of course, that’s your choice, but if you’ve been palming off that responsibility and dumping it metaphorically onto someone else’s fancy attire to drag around for you, chances are you’re going to find it much harder to carry.

Everyone’s journey is different and whether you relate to someone because they’re a traditional business person or corporate high flyer like you are, the way you progress through the ranks and build your business are going to be completely and distinctly un-alike.

No-one’s coat is available for hire my friend. It’s high time to get your own.

Think about it. Fancy lapel, shiny fabric, double breasted and tails as swank as bank. To become the the top income earner you have to show up as the top income earner well before you are there and usually well before you are ready. That coat you have to sew yourself. And that hand-sewn coat will only fit the best version of the unique you that you are. How lucky are we that in this profession there’s no uniform! There’s compete freedom to dress yourself and show up as yourself. So please do.

Extended metaphors aside...do the gosh darn work already and you can have the success you want.

You do have to chase it, yes. You totally can have - and I’m going to say ‘must have’ - idols and inspirations to follow, but you totally can and must be running towards it on your own two feet.

...ok, maybe one more...
There’s no free rides.

And if you’re on the receiving end like I was, step up to your leadership and share this sentiment to empower your people to voluntarily step off before they fall off.....You’ve gifted them the pattern, now gift them the scissors...they have everything else they need!

And PS. My team mate stitched up her own coat of belief and her whole business changed for the better 😉

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